Thursday, April 10, 2014


Tagum City - The Western Visayas PRISAA Softball team won over its Northern Mindanao PRISAA counterpart, 16-1,  in the semi-finals of the on-going 2014 National PRISAA Games held at the ePark, Tagum City. The win enabled them to face last year's tormentor and defending champion Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) PRISAA in the finals today, winner in first semi-finals game versus host Region 11, 8-6.

The game started strong for the WV softball team as they showed accurate pitching and batting right in the first inning. With Jane Daras controlling the defense through the pitching mound, the Region 10 batters yielded its first three batters either by strike out or an easy out at first base.

The WVPRISAA girls then took their turn on the offense with 2 RBI's for Ma. Kristin Gulfan, an RBI-Homerun for Geia Lyn Dechosa, and another homerun for Cristine Sebuan. They ended up with 6 runs in the first inning and carried the momentum and finished the game via a 15-run mercy rule after the third inning.


The finals today against the CAR PRISAA will be a battle between former champions that will be worth watching. The University of Cordillera-bannered CAR PRISAA won over the 2012 Champion WVPRISAA last year in the finals, 4-3.

Having won the 2011 and 2012 edition of the National Game, the Western Visayas softball team will try to reclaim victory. Key for this year's championship run are adjustment, focus and patience.

As for the CAR softball girls, winning this years championships will be a testament of the training for many years from the legendary Coach Joel Panes. Coach Joel is not with them in this year's national games.

Article written by McRliz

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